Lodge Officers

Lodge Office Officer's Name
Exalted Ruler Greg Malone
Leading Knight Sarah L. Birkbeck
Loyal Knight Craig David Baker
Lecturing Knight Janie Baker
Secretary William Dire
Treasurer Wm R. Delbridge
Trustee-One Year Scott Birkbeck
Trustee-Two Year Mike Dexter
Trustee-Three Year James McMillan
Trustee-Four Year John D. Turner
Trustee-Five Year Marlene Young
Tiler Dorothy A. Russell
Esquire James P. Striker
Chaplain Douglas W. Young
Inner Guard Kevin Robb

Clicking on the links of the members' names should redirect you to their email; if not, you may email them at wallaceelks@yahoo.com with the subject "ATTN:" and the title of the officer you would like to contact.